Tourvilles - general terms & conditions
Our rates includes :
  • Oil
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Local taxes
  • Rates exclude fuel consumed during the rental
  • The minimum age is 21 years
  • National or international driving license are accepted The additional driver must imperatively be mentioned on the contract as it is opened,
  • The damage caused to the vehicle by an unauthorized driver, are charged to the tenant.
Terms of Payment :
  • Cash,and All major credit cards, such visa, master card, ,American express etc… are accepted by Tourvilles the payment is made in advance.
Rental charge :

The rental charge is one day,24 hours ,the rental period starts and ends according to the date and time mentioned in the rental agreement.

Deposit :

The deposit is mandatory by print of credit card or cash, returned to the tenant at the expiration of the contract and after compliance of all his obligations, the deposit could not be useful for a prolongation without prior agreement of TOURVILLES.

Insurance and optional coverage :

All our vehicles are covered by third party liability policy, in accordance with the legislation in force, The renting of TOURVILLES vehicles automatically benefit the tenant and drivers mentioned on the rental agreement of civil liability insurance, accident caused to third parties, theft and fire,the Damage caused to the hired vehicle remain in charge of the tenant in the limit of an exemption, moreover the tenant is entitled to subscribe optional coverage "CDW" aimed at reducing the excess amount for an additional daily charge wish varies depending of the vehicle category.
The tenant is also entitled to subscribe the insurance PAI(personal accident insurance) covers the driver(s) specified in the agreement and grants additional cover to passengers for accident death or permanent disability ,for medical expenses due to a car accident while the rented vehicle

Obligations in case of accident, theft or fire, The tenant undertakes to take all appropriate measures to protect the interests of Tourvilles :,to report withim24h to the hirer, and at once to the local authorities’ any accident fire or theft - To draw legibly an amical detailed report specifying the circumstances related to the accident and countersigned by the driver(s) of the other(s) vehicles involved in the accident, -To mention in his report, date, hour, car’s number as well as the name of his insurance company and the number of policy insurance, and provide the aforesaid amical report to Tourvilles in the briefest delay. - To declare to the local authorities the fire or the theft within the 24 hours maximum of finding it out, to inform Tourvilles and provide the receipt of the declaration furnished by the authorities, restore all documents of the vehicle and the game keys.

In case of failure: In the unlikely event of any mechanical difficulties, Tourvilles does not undertake to provide the tenant a vehicle of a specific model, we guarantee you against the same category, or higher if unavailable.

Use of vehicle:

Only drivers mentioned ,indicated in the rental agreement are allowed to drive the rented vehicle ,each additional driver must be included in the rental agreement as well as it is opened, The tenant agrees not to use the vehicle off roads not passable and in all lands not consistent with the nature and strength of the vehicle, damage caused to the vehicle in this case are charged to the tenant.

Tourvilles Assistance :
  • The framework of our Support Service is reachable 24h/24 & 7 / 7, even on Weekend and Holidays..

  • Immediate replacement vehicle in case of failure.

Last Update : Feburary, 25th 2010